Sinful Duet

There's a fine line between good and evil...



It’s been the only thing driving me for the past six months since my sister was murdered—and he’s the one responsible. I want to break him the way he broke my family. But to get what I want, I’ll need to get close to him, win his trust. He stirs a dark need inside me that I never knew existed. My attraction to him is a distraction I can’t afford. I’ll give him my body… but he can never have my heart.


The first time I set eyes on Eva, I’m entranced. When the brazen young woman breaks into my home, I take it as a sign—she’s meant to be mine. She’s hell-bent on revenge, but the more I’m with her, the more I want to keep her.

I’m the devil… and she’s my fallen angel.

*Sinful Illusions is the first book in the Sinful Duet, a dark mafia romance. Book one ends on a cliffhanger and depicts some situations that may be uncomfortable for some readers. 

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Even a villain deserves his happily ever after...


I knew he would find me; it was just a matter of time. This time when he brings me home, I’m not his prisoner—I’m his partner. His wife. The world I left behind is murkier than ever, and I’m forced to acknowledge that nothing is exactly as it seems. They say it’s always darkest before the dawn, but there’s a very gray area between darkness and light…


She’s bound to me forever, until death do us part—which may be sooner than either of us expected. Araña vows vengeance for my interference and takes the thing that matters most—Eva. If he thinks I’ll go down without a fight, he’s sorely mistaken. I’ll dismantle his empire piece by piece, kill a thousand men to bring her back to me. The closer I get to revealing the truth, the more tangled the web of deceit becomes. They say the devil comes in many forms—but this was one we never expected…


*This book is a dark romance and contains situations that may not be comfortable for all readers.

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