Deception Duet

Set in the same world as the Frozen in Time Trilogy, get ready to be swept away by this deliciously dark duet!

Pretty Little Lies Blonde w Smoke

The only daughter of a notorious criminal, Giuliana Capaldi is no stranger to secrets and lies. When her father is killed, Jules becomes a ward of her cruel, abusive uncle. As tensions rise between La Cosa Nostra and the Bratva, he arranges her betrothal to the captain’s son—a man whose previous wives have all mysteriously disappeared. With no other thought than to escape a violent marriage—or worse—Jules flees.


All Eric Donahue wanted was peace and quiet in his sleepy little town. After the mission three years ago that nearly ended his life, he left Chicago in search of seclusion and solitude. When he finds the green-eyed beauty sleeping in her car on the side of the road, he offers her a safe haven. Despite the inexplicable connection between them, Eric vows to stay away—far, far away. Jules is too young, too innocent for a man like him; everything about her is wrong… but so very right.


In close quarters, a bond is forged and neither can resist the pull of desire sparking between them. But when the past catches up, they must hope that their love is strong enough to save them both…


Beautiful Deception Final

For Giuliana Capaldi, life can’t get much better. As the new events coordinator for Briarleigh Lodge and Resort in the remote mountain town of Pine Ridge, Jules has a job she loves and friends she adores. When Eric proposes, it seems as if she finally has everything she’s ever wanted. But her newfound happiness is threatened when she learns the shocking details of the night her father was killed—and that Eric saw everything. Torn between familial obligation and devotion to the man she loves, Jules knows she must risk everything and tell him the truth of her past.

Sheriff of Pine Ridge, Eric Donahue takes care of his own. When Jules is kidnapped by the man who’s been hunting her for months, he’ll stop at nothing to bring her home safely—even if it means facing his demons and going back to the one place he swore never to step foot in again. As he searches for Jules, a tangled web of betrayal and deceit begins to unravel, and Eric discovers a shattering truth that could tear them apart forever…