Deception Duet

I was born into the Capaldi crime family, the capo’s only daughter. But when my father dies, my uncle takes over and arranges my betrothal to a notorious criminal. Just days before my wedding is supposed to take place, I run. I don’t think about where I’m going, I don’t plan—I just drive. When I end up in a remote mountain town in Montana, the sexy sheriff there comes to my rescue—not once, but twice.

Eric is honorable and noble—everything right and good in this world—and he can never know about my past. His gorgeous hazel eyes drag me under, make me feel things I’ve never experienced, and I want so badly to believe the pretty little lies that fall from lips.  

I know I’ll never be safe—my uncle will never stop hunting me. I can’t risk staying and putting Eric in danger, but God forgive me, I can’t walk away without a taste…

Coming July 28th, 2020

My days are filled working at Briarleigh Lodge and Resort high in the remote mountains of Montana. But the nights… My nights are spent with Eric by my side. And everything is absolutely perfect—but nothing good can ever last.

When the truth of my past is finally revealed, will Eric stay by my side or will this beautiful deception dissolve into thin air?

*Beautiful Deception is book two of the Deception Duet. It can be read as a standalone, but the books are best enjoyed in order for maximum reading pleasure.

Coming September 29th, 2020